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36. The Minimum Wages Act, 1948

351. Which section of the act provides for "Penalties for certain offences"?
a. Section 19
b. Section 20
c. Section 21
d. Section 22

352. Any Employer found guilty of paying less than Minimum rates of wages shall be punished with imprisonment upto ______ and/or fine which may extend upto _______.
a. 5 years; Rs. 50,000
b. 2 years; Rs. 2,000
c. 6 months; Rs. 500
d. 3 months; Rs. 50

353. Upon contravention of any provision of this act, for which no specific penalty has been provided, the employer shall be penalized upto an amount of Rs._______.
a. 50
b. 500
c. 5000
d. 50000

354. How shall an Employer deal with the undisbursed amount that was due to employee and could not be paid either due to death of employee before disbursement or his whereabouts not known?
a. The Employer shall retain such money
d. The Employer shall give it to employee's relatives
c. The Employer shall deposit the money with prescribed authority
d. The Employer shall donate such money on behalf of the employee

355. Which section of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 provides for exemption of employer from liability in certain cases?
a. Section 22
b. Section 23
c. Section 24
d. Section 25

356. If an employee willingly signs a contract with his employer for payment of wages less than fixed, would it contravene any provision of the act?
a. Yes
b. No

357. Does the State Government have the power to add any employment to the Schedule?
a. Yes
b. No

358. If the State Government intends to add a given employment to the Schedule, it shall be required to give a notice of not less than _________.
a. 1 year
b. 9 months
c. 6 months
d. 3 months

359. Identify Section 26 of the Act - 
a. Exemptions & Exceptions
b. Contracting Out
c. Power of the Central Government to give directions
d. Power of the Central Government to make rules

360. Identify Section 30 of the Act - 
a. Power of the Central Government to make rules
b. Power of the State Government to make rules
c. Power of the appropriate Government to make rules
d. Validation of fixation of certain minimum rates of wages

Answers to Labour Laws Questions 36 : 351 D, 352 C, 353 B, 354 C, 355 B, 356 A, 357 A, 358 D, 359 A, 360 C.


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