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34. The Minimum Wages Act, 1948

331. There is a scope for correction of errors mistakenly made while fixing or revising the minimum rates of wages in the act. Which section provides for the same?
a. Section 10
b. Section 11
c. Section 12
d. Section 13
332. Does the act allow to pay minimum wages in Kind?
a. Yes, if the appropriate government authorizes to do so.
b. No
333. Alongwith the rate of Minimum Wages, the appropriate government may also fix the working hours which shall be considered as a normal working day.
a. True
b. False
334. The payment for work on a day of rest shall not be less than overtime rate.
a. True
b. False
335. Which section of The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 provides for Fixing hours of normal working day?
a. Section 12
b. Section 13
c. Section 14
d. Section 15
336. Where an employee works for two or more classes of work, how shall he be paid?
a. Paid for the work he completes first
b. Paid for the work where he produces more output
c. Paid for the work with respect to time occupied in each work
d. Paid on average rate
337. Where the minimum wages are fixed on Time rate, Piece rated workers -
a. Shall be paid as per Piece rate only
b. Shall be paid on average rate
c. Shall be paid at rate not less than time rate
d. Shall not be paid at all
338. Which section of the Act specifies requirements for Maintenance of Registers and Records?
a. Section 16
b. Section 17
c. Section 18
d. Section 19
339. Which section of the act authorises the appropriate Government to appoint Inspectors?
a. Section 20
b. Section 19
c. Section 18
d. Section 17
340. What time can the Inspector enter the premises of any factory or workplace under his purview for the purpose of inspecting registers, records or notices?
a. During normal working hours of the workplace except lunch hours
b. During Day Time only
c. From 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM only
d. Any time
Answers to Labour Laws Questions 34 : 331 A, 332 A, 333 A, 334 A, 335 B, 336 C, 337 C, 338 C, 339 B, 340 D.

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