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7. The Factories Act, 1948

61.       Section 11 of the Factories Act, 1948 relates to …….
A.      Natural Humidification
B.      Cleanliness
C.      Health
D.      Poisonous Substances

62.       For a given work place, the floor should be washed at least once in every ……….
A.      1 year
B.      6 months
C.      1 month
D.      1 week

63.       The walls, ceilings or partitions which are painted should be repainted once every ……….
A.      3 years
B.      4 years
C.      5 years
D.      It is the owners choice

64.       The walls, ceilings or partitions which are painted with washable paint should be washed in a period of ………
A.      6 months
B.      8 months
C.      3 months
D.      1 month

65.       The walls, ceilings or partitions which are white washed, should be white washed once every ………..
A.      3 months
B.      10 months
C.      14 months
D.      2 years

66.       Windows, doors or shutters that are painted or varnished should be painted or varnished at least once every …………..
A.      1 year
B.      3 years
C.      5 years
D.      7 years

67.       “Disposal of waste and effluents” relates to section ………
A.      12
B.      13
C.      14
D.      15

68.       Section 13 relates to ……
A.      Dust and Fume
B.      Natural Oxidation
C.      Ventilation and temperature
D.      Air Conditioning

69.       It is not necessary to ensure flow of fresh air and arrange for adequate ventilation in the factory.
A.      True
B.      False

70.   Section 10 relates to Cleanliness.
A.      True
B.      False

Answers to Labour Laws Questions 7: 61B, 62D, 63A, 64A, 65C, 66C, 67A, 68C, 69B, 70B (Section 11).

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