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14. The Factories Act, 1948

131. This section of the factories act provides that every pit, fixed vessel, sump or tank that may be injurious due to its location or depth shall be adequately covered or fenced so as to avoid accident and injury. Which section is this?
a. Section 32
b. Section 33
c. Section 34
d. Section 35

132. Which section protects a worker from being employed at a factory for lifting or moving or carrying any load which may cause him injury?
a. Section 37
b. Section 35
c. Section 34
d. Section 33

133. A worker employed in a factory for Welding is not provided safety screen and/or goggles and/or other appropriate protective equipment. This situation is violating one of the sections i.e. Section 35 which speaks about ...............
a. Protection of face
b. Protection from Welding Arc
c. Protection of eyes
d. Protection of head

134. Protection from dangerous fumes and gases is ensured under ........... of the factories act, 1948.
a. Section 36
b. Section 38
c. Section 40
d. None of these

135. Any portable light that needs to be used inside a confined space, chamber, tank or pit may not exceed ...........
a. 40 volts
b. 8 volts
c. 12 volts
d. 24 volts

136. Section 38 of the factories act speaks about............
a. Floors, Stairs and Means of Access
b. Explosives or inflammable dust, gas etc.
c. Precautions in case of fire
d. Precautions in case of flood

137. There shall be 1 Safety Officer for every .......... workers in a factory.
a. 250
b. 500
c. 750
d. 1000

138. "Maintenance of Buildings" is ensured for safety under ..........
a. Section 39
b. Section 39-A
c. Section 40
d. Section 40-A

139. "Striking Gear and devices for cutting of power" is given under ............. of the factories act, 1948.
a. Section 24
b. Section 18
c. Section 15-A
d. Section 19

140. General Duties of manufacturers, etc., as regards articles and substances for use in factories is discussed under ............ of the factories act.
a. Section 7
b. Section 7-A
c. Section 7-B
d. None of these

Answers to Labour Law Questions 14: 131 B, 132 C, 133 C, 134 A, 135 D, 136 C, 137 D, 138 D, 139 A, 140 C.

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