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11. The Factories Act, 1948

101. Any factory where the humidity in air is artificially controlled, Drinking Water from Public Supply can be used for the said purpose.
a. True
b. False

102. This section states that effective measures should be undertaken to keep the work-rooms free from dust and fumes. Which section is this?
a. Section 12
b. Section 13
c. Section 14
d. Section 15

103. Section 15 of the Factories Act, 1948 discusses ...............
a. Cleanliness
b. Disposal of Waste
c. Dust and Fumes
d. Artificial Humidification

104. The law states any factory already in existence before the commencement of the Factories Act, 1948 should provide at least ............... of space for every worker employed.
a. 9 metres
b. 7.1 cubic metres
c. 9.9 cubic metres
d. No such measurement is given in the Factories Act, 1948

105. "Ventilation and Temperature" are discussed under ........... of the Factories Act, 1948
a. Section 15
b. Section 14
c. Section 13
d. Section 12

106. .................. may order to display a notice on each work room mentioning the maximum number of workers who may work in the room at a given time.
a. Chief Inspector
b. Chief Auditor
c. Chief Justice
d. None of the above

107. A factory built and commenced business in 1982 should provide at least ............. space for every worker employed.
a. 9.9 cubic metres
b. 10.7 cubic metres
c. 14.2 cubic metres
d. 22.2 cubic metres

108. The term "Lighting" is discussed under .............
a. Section 18
b. Section 21 (a)
c. Section 20
d. Section 17

109. Prevention of -
(i) glare directly from a source of light or a smooth surface and
(ii) formation of shadows such that it causes eye-strain or unsafe working condition
is taken care under .............
a. Section 16
b. Section 16 (a)
c. Section 17 (1)
d. Section 17 (3)

110. A Drinking Water point should be marked "Drinking Water" in English Language only.
a. True
b. False

Answers to Labour Laws Questions 11 : 101 A, 102 C, 103 D, 104 C, 105 C, 106 A, 107 C, 108 D, 109 D, 110 B

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