91laws is a blog for Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Labour Laws. These questions are for academic purpose only. Each post contains 10 questions on 1 particular Act - mentioned at the top of the post. In case of any changes / corrections please feel free to leave comments.

9. The Factories Act, 1948

81. Appointment of Certifying Surgeons is discussed in ......... of the Act.
a. Section 9 (C)
b. Section 10
c. Section (11)
d. Section (12)

82. Section 11 of The Factories Act, 1948 relates to ........
a. Cleanliness
b. Health
c. Environment
d. Healthy Person

83. The floor of every work-room should be cleaned at least once every ........ by washing and using disinfectant wherever necessary.
a. Shift
b. Day
c. Week
d. Month

84. Inside Walls or Partitions that are painted or varnished, should be re-painted or re-varnished at least once in a period of  ............. .
a. 10 years
b. 5 years
c. 7 months
d. 3 years

85. Inside Walls or Partitions when painted with washable paint should be repainted with at least one coat of such paint at least once in a period of ....... years.
a. 2
b. 2.5
c. 3
d. 7

86. Inside Walls or Partitions when painted with washable paint or varnished should be cleaned at least once in a period of ..... .
a. 14 months
b. 18 months
c. 22 months
d. 36 months

87. Inside Walls or Partitions when kept White Washed or Colour Washed, should be White Washed or Colour Washed at least once in a period of ........ .
a. 6 months
b. 14 months
c. 18 months
d. 22 months

88. Doors, Windows, Metallic Frames or Shutters that are kept painted or varnished should be painted or varnished at least once every period of  ......... .
a. 1 year
b. 3 years
c. 5 years
d. 6 years

89. It is voluntary under the Act to maintain a register of Painting or White Washing as may be applicable.
A. True
B. False

90. Section 12 of the act relates to ......
a. Ventilation and Temperature
b. Disposal of waste and effluents
c. Removal of Insects and poisonous animals from premises
d. Planting Trees in the premises

Answers to Labour Laws Questions 9 : 81 B, 82 A, 83 C, 84 B, 85 C, 86 A, 87 B, 88 C, 89 B, 90 B.


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