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4. The Factories Act, 1948

31.       The term “Adult” is defined in the section ……….
A.      2(a)
B.      2(ad)
C.      2(aa)
D.      None of these

32.       Adult is a person who has completed …………
A.      21 years
B.      14 years
C.      18 years
D.      20 years

33.       Section 2(c ) of the act defines ……..
A.      Child
B.      Competent person
C.      Adolescent
D.      None of these

34.       A person who is not 15 years old is a ………..
A.      Kid
B.      Adolescent
C.      Child
D.      All of the above

35.       A person has turned 17 yesterday. Which of the statements is true with respect to that person?
A.      The person is a child.
B.      The person is a child as well as an adolescent.
C.      The person was an adolescent 1 year back.
D.      All of the above

36.       Section 2(cb) of the Factories Act defines ……
A.      Child Labour
B.      Labour
C.      Process
D.      Hazardous Process

37.       A person who is either a child or an adolescent will be considered a ….. as per the factories Act, 1948.
A.      Competent Person
B.      Young Person
C.      Productive Person
D.      Casual Labour

38.       “Day is a 24 hours period that begins at 06:00 AM as per the act.
A.      True
B.      False

39.       According to the Factories Act, 1948 “Week” starts at midnight on ………. night.
A.      Monday
B.      Sunday
C.      Saturday
D.      There is no such mention

40.   “Power” also means energy generated by human or animal.
A.      True
B.      False

Answers to Labour Laws Questions 4: 31A, 32C, 33A, 34C, 35C, 36D, 37B, 38B (begins at midnight), 39C, 40B

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